Custom Personal Digital Commissions

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Patrice Ross_A Mother's Gift_v002.jpg
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Custom Personal Digital Commissions

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Hey, you might just want something specific that my other Offered Commissions don't necessarily address. Well, you're in the right place!

Unless it's something you want for commercial reasons. If that's the case, go here and here.

If that is not the case and you just want me to draw a cool thing for you, a loved one, or you AND a loved one, stay here and place an order!

For more info on the commission and its process before ordering, please scroll down.

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Patrice Ross_A Mother's Gift_v002.jpg

More Info

And things of that nature

Could you explain the following?

  • "Human-Like" Figures: They're humans. Or a Vampire. Or a Werewolf. Whoever.
  • "Animal-like" Figures: They're animals. Like a pet. Or a fuzzy alien. 
  • Simple/Minimal Background: The background would be stylistically simple/minimal. If you had some background/miscellaneous props in mind and/or a silhouetted setting you'd like to add to your personal commission but do NOT want a full background/scene that is rendered and more involved, this would be the best and recommended choice to choose.
  • Complex/Full Background: This background would be more involved, rendered, and potentially a "snapshot of a scene". Think the complete opposite of "No background".
  • "Is it possible to have more than what you're offering here?" Contact Me and we'll talk.

How does it work and what to expect:

  • Place your order by choosing how many animals, people, and whether or not you want a background or not above.

    • Again, if you want to add background/miscellaneous props but do NOT want a complex/full background, please choose "Simple/Minimal" in the drop-down menu under "Background".

    • Once you've filled out that initial information, glance at the specific price that populates.

  • Click submit, then fill out the Commission Details form that pops up.

    • If you have a pose in mind, specific colors to avoid, or are a must have, or details you want or are expecting--tell me under "The Finer Details" portion of the form. 

    • Piggy-backing off of the last point, if you do not provide details, I will assume that the selfie(s)/pictures you send (once we're emailing back and forth) is what you want to wear/look like so send your BEST with the outfit you'd like to be drawn in--or send pics of what you'd like to be drawn in. That's the beauty of having an artist drawing for you.

  • Once everything is cleared and squared away, you can expect an email from me promptly on how we will proceed with this digital art commission (I mean, you're paying up front and immediately, after all, hun). This is where you'll send me the photos of where to draw direct reference from so please provide an email you check regularly.

  • You can expect regular updates and your digital art piece to be completed within 3-6 weeks depending on work schedule, how intensive revisions and edits are, and how often one answers their emails (so again, please give me an email you check regularly).

As for the process, I break them into three phases:

  • Sketch Phase

    • 1st chance to revise and edit

  • Final Line Phase

    • 2nd chance to revise and edit

  • Final Color Phase

    • 3rd & final chance to revise and edit

It is set up this way so that you are as involved in the process as possible and you are satisfied with your illustration. Anything more will accrue more work hours and will be billed accordingly.


For more information on Commission Terms and Conditions, click here.