cfbg tip 058; better for self


"For the things you can change that will be better for you long term, make that change. even if it’s scary."

Things are picking up, gradually, for the better. And it's scary-

But exciting at the same time.

I remember writing down that I wanted better for myself in the context of doing better BY me. Taking better care of my emotional, physical, social, spiritual, etc health. And so far that's happening. It's HARD.

Like, I went hiking with friends for the first time and I both loved and HATED it. The pain was real but reaching the top, looking out over the scenery, surrounded by great people and friends, breathing some good ass air was AMAZING.

The journey up was trying, I stopped and rested when my body cried for it, and I thought about how I should probably try the gym again or something to build my strength to hike a damn mountain. I thought about how I went out every weekend with friends. How I'm socializing more. How I've made friends with active people who are so kind and cool. How I'm getting back to meditating because I stopped. But the important thing is that I'm trying again.

The journey is SCARY. And HARD. But I feel GREAT. I feel BETTER.

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