Inktober Day 02: Manga Rih



 Inktober Day 02: Manga Rih © 2017 Raven "raveyrai" White

Inktober Day 02: Manga Rih © 2017 Raven "raveyrai" White

Remember when Rihanna was on the cover of Paper Mag back in March because she looked like an anime/manga character? I did several sketches of her for the shoot in my sketchbook (that you can see if you're a Martian Crow Pledger on my Patreon) at the time. So while getting ready to do Inktober day two, I looked in the sketchbook, saw the sketch version of the above and thought, "Y'know what...? YEAH!"

So I did it--As a warm-up before I do these cfbg tips; pages I gotta do.

I'll keep working on sticking to these rules as we progress. To be fair (on myself because normally--I'm not) I didn't use CTRL+Z a lot and the layers are for the white parts and background tones.

Cool note, there's a mobile version of this as a reward for my Moon Crow Patreon Pledgers.

Well, that's it! Hope you all enjoyed! Till later on today for Inktober Day 3!

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