Inktober Days 10: Erase

 Inktober Day 10: Erase © 2017 Raven "raveyrai" White

Inktober Day 10: Erase © 2017 Raven "raveyrai" White

So here's what happened for this beaut to come to be~

First, I drew a dude. Then I was like, "I'm still lowkey obsessing over Boku No Hero Academia, so let's draw Aizawa since all drawings I've seen of him on twitter looks nioce."

So I drew him. It looked lovely.

Then my power went out whilst me drawing him. Once with a boom. A second time as a stutter right after the first--I didn't have a chance to restart my computer.

I take a walk because wow, that just happened.

Then I came back with a salad, turned my computer back on, opened up Photoshop because I'm sure that Photoshop has recovered my file.

It didn't. Just one layer of darkness.

I take another short walk through my hallway before deciding to lay in bed, ready to pull the human equivalent of restarting oneself; napping.

I read fanfic updates instead and decide that the devil won't win today.

I get back up and re-do the drawing all over again...and this came out.

It is 20x better than the first.

So what I've learned today is never give up and 🖕🏾 you, devil.

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