New Avi Alert and the First day of Inktober!



So we're doing inktober!!!! I'll be first updating the blog every day for this challenge and I'm going to be real with y'all, it's going to be digital and some traditional but I have rules so it's not all "Hey! You're cheating!" (even though, honestly, I do what I want).

Rules for Myself for Inktober:

  1. No Ctrl+Z
  2. Use a different Kyle (Ink) Brush every day (because I tend to only use Skinny Minny)
  3. No coloring (unless it falls under "ink" from Kyle's Brushes--I broke it for the first day, WOOPS, but that's ok)
  4. Keep it all on ONE layer (except the sketch layer)

And...yeah I think that'll be it. I may add (not take away) rules as the month progresses but I think that'll be it!

So, why am I doing it digitally? Well, last year, even though I enjoyed doing it all traditionally, it took away so much of my time during the day and I didn't like that some of that time took away from other responsibilities and obligations. Digital will be a lil' bit quicker and I could go from that to work hahaha. I might do something traditional here or there (like if I'm out which has been happening a lot lately) throughout the month but not every single day. Whew...that was a challenge last year but I did it.

So on tumblr a master prompt list was going around and here are some that I like and might do throughout the month:

  • Post-Apocalyptic Wanderers: Father & Daughter
  • Post-Apocalyptic Wanderers: The Girl and her Dog
  • Post-Apocalyptic Wanderers: The Hunter Android
  • Anthropomorphic People: The Gorilla
  • Anthropomorphic People: The Wolf Warlord
  • Anthropomorphic People: The Crow (c'mon, of COURSE)
  • Anthropomorphic People: The Llama
  • Space Travelers: The Old Scientist
  • Space Travelers: The Clones
  • Space Travelers:  The Teenage Racers
  • Space Travelers:  The Planet Eater
  • Super People: The Old Hero - Hero
  • Super People: The Ghost Kid - Hero
  • Super People: The Nightmare - Villain
  • Super People: The Doctor of Webs - Villain
  • Super People: The Masked One - Villain
  • Characters for a Fairytale: The Wolf
  • Characters for a Fairytale: The Witch
  • Characters for a Fairytale: The Bugbear
  • Characters for a Fairytale: The Huntswoman

We'll see how that goes...but I really kinda just want to draw fashionable people haha.

Anyhow, here's the First Day of Inktober: Inktober Day 01

 Inktober Day 01: Fallen Winter © 2017 Raven "raveyrai" White

Inktober Day 01: Fallen Winter © 2017 Raven "raveyrai" White

Since this is the first day I'll cut myself some slack but I do need to keep fancy digital art thangs to a minimum like the use of layers and gradients and so forth. This was going to originally be my new avi on all accounts from now till the end of Winter but I wasn't entirely in love with it's going to be the new avi across all accounts:

 Fallen Winter II - © 2017 Raven "raveyrai" White

Fallen Winter II - © 2017 Raven "raveyrai" White

Well that's it for the first day of Inktober! I promise the rest of this series will NOT be as long. I'm excited (especially considering this will help me blog more often). Hope you all enjoy! Till tomorrow!

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