Inktober is OVER but Ebooks are Forever

Okay...they might not be around for forever but the title has a ring to it when I wrote it, so....

Anyway, you may or may not be wondering where the hell I disappeared off to with the last seven days of Inktober. Well...

Raveyrai's Inktober: 2016
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Raveyrai's Inktober: 2017
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I've been working on these since the end of October and those last seven pieces are within the confines of the "2016 & 2017" and the "2017" Inktober ebooks! That's right, bb's, the store is UP! I'm going at it slowly and will gradually add more products as time progresses!

And look at the covers!

They're so pretty and cohesive! Y'all, I have been so nit-picky with these books and the process was as tedious as you can imagine but it turned out nice! Granted I still wanted to do more cool things with it, book-wise, but sometimes you get to a point where you just need to be done and move on.

So within these books are all the pieces I have done for Inktober between 2016 and 2017. You'll be able to see them more intimately, know the materials I used for the traditional pieces and the tools and brushes for the digital ones. The mass majority of the pieces I've done and shared on my website and across social media, especially this year, were cropped and of much lower image quality. In the books, they're neither of those and I've taken down just about all of 2016 and 2017's pieces on all the socials except for on the blog but again, you're only seeing the cropped version of the pieces on the blog. Thus these ebooks. Your fav artsy homie is trynna get more pro-fesh, ya feel me.

With all that said--buy a book. Buy a couple. Buy all of them (even though that would be silly)!

With the store now up, I'll be able to play around and fine-tune my site (especially the commissions) and grow even more as a professional indie artist and creator. Thanks so much for riding along with me this past October! I've learned a lot and thought about what I should consider and do differently for next year, or just for the next month-long theme challenge. The next one I'm aware of is MerMay in May and I sadly missed it this year but I'd love to get into it for 2018 (Lord willing).

Alright! That's all! At the risk of sounding like a cornflake--we're making moves, y'all.

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