Announcement and Update: I'm on (a proper) Hiatus


Hey, y'all. In case you missed my initial Patreon announcement (or can't access it because Patreon is weird), here it is below (with some edits because it's on my blog and not...on Patreon).

If you haven't already noticed my ghostliness on the interwebs, I've been—well—not on the interwebs lately.

Especially these past two months where I've landed a contract gig that has me working like a full-time employee. 

I've also been working with a non-profit since last year, and we're preparing for our second festival and convention coming up in November. If you haven't been privy to some of the drama around conventions this year, or just know how difficult running a convention/festival is, then yeah—you can imagine how stressful it can be for organizers nearing dates as we try to throw something great and reputable on a shoestring budget.

And I've been working all year on a special comic for Heartwood: Non-binary Tales of Sylvan Fantasy Anthology and we're getting ready to kickstart it very soon.

Plus this goddamn political climate doesn't help my stress levels on top of the above mentioned responsibilities.

So yeah...pretty busy now that...I've laid it out like that.


internally screaming reaction pic

Back on topic, I just don't feel it's fair to have those of you pledging (on Patreon) when I just can't find the time to properly reward and engage with you whilst not feeling like I'm going to burnout every time. You all deserve the best of what I'm putting out and right now, I don't think I have the energy or time necessary to do that. I feel not 100% great about going on hiatus for an indeterminate amount of time but I feel worst for not giving you what I feel is my best.

So! I'm going on Hiatus to ~figure myself out~. Or just—y'know—figure out my next steps that are intentional and focused, and will prove beneficial for me in the long-term now that I have some sort of security to do so.

What I plan on accomplishing during my hiatus:

  1. Getting my finances in order.
  2. Getting my creative goals and plans in order.
  3. Getting my offline life in order (pertaining to work and time management) so the online life can follow.
  4. Chill the fuck out; not everything should be about productivity and work.

It's not a vacay (lol, what's that?) but I think I will come back better and much more well equipped to handle exactly what I set out to do.

To follow closely for any and all updates; following through my website and twitter are your best bets. Particularly my newsletter which you can sign up for here.

Thank you all for your support up to this point. My Patreon page is already on pause if you're reading here and not on Patreon.

In case you want to hiss at me and still throw me something in the meantime (because I know some of you are like that, haha), I have a ko-fi. Just the regular one, not the Gold version (that is out for Patreon's neck apparently 👀)!

I also have a if you prefer to use that instead.

Thanks again; this ain't a goodbye, just a "See y'all in a minute!" and it'll pass sooner than we all expect it :')