Let me just say how incredibly busy my life has become! And the best way to honestly keep up with me is by becoming a Patreon supporter.  In the moment, weekly updates and early art givings and just--I don't know--help a broke artist stay afloat because you like me and believe I can go far (and cause great mayhem in entertainment).

But I'll give a quick summary in list-ical form anyway to make it a lil' easier on you:

  • I was broke and stressed.
  • I made an art piece inspired by Beyonce's halftime show and that got the internet talking and watching me.
  • Suddenly I'm not as heartbreakingly broke as I was before (but also, #godbless tax return season and it getting to me in time--for bills)
  • I wrote a script for a tv show and I fell back in love with writing. Why don't I write more scripts?
  • I'm starting to question if "traditional" job searching or post-grad life is even a thing for me? Should I just--do it on my own like so many are telling me. Build "my own lane" 
    1. (did I mention someone wrote a feature on me HOLY HEAVENS).
  • I'm getting more freelance work and recognition.
  • My friend and I finished a five minute animated short film for a client together in three months.
  • My online presence is growing and I'm getting busier.
  • The more "little successes" I acquire the busier and more serious my career becomes.
  • I can't stop. I have to keep up the momentum.
  • What do I do next?

And really that's where I'm currently at--what now? And it's scary yet exciting, and I have faith but I'm cautious, and this is wonderful. I'm growing and it's wonderful.