Kindhearted cups and bad livestreams

The universe was kind enough to have my body fully rested in the morning to wake on its own without the help of my alarm clock screaming at me to wake up at 6am. Instead, I woke at 4-something in the morning.

Which...y'know is entirely too early.

But that's ok because I got a lot of errands and things done before noon today because the therma-mug that my older cousin got me for  christmas was so kind and motivational. On it it said, "Dream it, believe it, DO IT". It's one of my fav presents now because it was so thoughtful in what I want to do in life. What a nice cup.

 I also got to update cfbg tips; and livestream me drawing and construction it--even though the livestream sorta bombed.

It fell short because my internet has been a butt for months. So much so I had to depend on my hotspot for the stream which, poor thing. It had to stream music, my voice, and record me drawing a comic for 2 hours straight. It could barely hold it altogether and there have been many moments when it just gave up before trying again.

I was told the internet guy came through to "fix" it but I think it's gotten worse.

Also, apparently the stream host can mute my video which--no WONdER people didn't use chat when I asked them to; they couldn't hear me because the  music I was playing was copyrighted which--fine. Ok. But what artist talks a full 2 and a half hours while drawing besides Bob Ross? I can do that with video games but not when I art. 

Despite that--today was a very good day and I'm BEAT.