It took a Prayer

Today (yesterday--I keep updating at midnight) was such a good day! After writing last night's post, I prayed and it seemed the ancestors and the universe was like, "Yeah, we can do this simple thing".

I mean I woke up with a vigor at 5:23am. I had a good breakfast and tea. Cleaned. Applied to a job I felt was a good fit for me as a starter (Oh LET IT BE SO), I got work done and received two new patreon supports because a sweet person on tumblr signal boosted the campaign post.

Man, what a day.

And one of the keys was, yes, my faith--despite feeling bummed out and prepared to not get an answer--and the other key was listening to my body. Going to bed at a reasonable enough time. Waking up when the body was well-rested and then when it needed another break I let it have them. I just...felt really great today and a good number of swell things took place. I even had the time to make a quick comic about how inconvenient and butt my internet connection has been lately:

Despite all of that (because I have a hotspot I use as a back up internet connection), today was good. I liked today, and I made up for not being as active/productive yesterday.

Good. Very good.