Re-claiming the Website & New Year, New Opportunities

So here's me actually making a blog for myself and not an audience (like tumblr) and it's weird. Refreshing in a freeing kind of way but still weird. 

Anyway, as I type this I'm re-configuring/claiming my website I made back when I was in college--which technically was just last year. Or the year before last? I don't know. Time eludes me.

The thing about doing things for literally anyone and everybody is this risk of not staying true to you and instead doing something that will garner the right sort of feedback or grade. Which always left me feeling unsatisfied, if we're being honest. So--since squarespace took ninety-six buck-a-roo's out of my back account on the same day I had to start paying back my school loans, I realized "Bruh...this is my sh*t and I do with it what I please!" Ninety-six dollars y'all!

Just off that alone, a stream of other epiphanies sprang forth:

  1. Just because I graduated it doesn't mean I've learned all I needed to learn. The learning never stops.
  2. Because the learning never stops, I can afford to be easier on myself when mistakes are made. Life is life.
  3. Who's gonna check me, boo!?
  4. I'm an adult (I'm 23 years of living and counting). That's still quite a concept to grasp but I am one and again--who's gonna check me?!
  5. Besides potential future employers, which if you're reading this--uh. Hi.
  6. We're all adults working in the entertainment industry; we do what we want! Legally!
  7. I pulled an all-nighter working on this site but I did it for myself and I feel great. Doing things for the betterment of you is just all around great.
  8.  Listening to the Hamilton soundtrack while working is a good and bad idea.
  9. I just really want to get to ten epiphanies at this point.
  10. I made it to ten epiphanies! Putting my mind to something and finding any and all ways to get to a goal is valid and possible with the strength of will power and determination.

Throughout that entire list I had the strong urge to upload a .gif or .jpeg of a meme. It feels great practicing discipline.

Re: New Year, New Opportunities--I made a cfbg tips; post talking about the new year and new me. To go in further depth, I looked forward to 2016. For one, it's a year ending in an even number and I have a bias for all things ending in an even number. Secondly, I got a Passion Planner and that thing has been a gift from the Heavens, it's so helpful. It's why I'm here, re-vamping the website. It's why I'm not too worried about what Life has to throw at me next. Of course once Life hits me with said thing, I 'll probably cry about it at first but I'll come out stronger and less likely to cry when Life pulls that stunt again.

Wow, I've written quite a bit. I like this. 

If anyone is reading this--thanks! I hope you've enjoyed it. I doubt anyone is reading this but if you are, you're cool with me and I'll be updating this personal blog every once and a while. Exciting!

Until next time (my eyes are bloodshot from the sleepiness and I'm sure 75% of this was ridiculous dribble due to the exhaustion), hope you all have a nice day!