Fallen Winter II - © 2017 Raven "raveyrai" White

Fallen Winter II - © 2017 Raven "raveyrai" White

Hello there. I'm Raven White;

commonly known on the web as "raveyrai". The "rai" is pronounced like "ray". That's important considering a lot of people tend to mispronounce it. You can not fight me on its pronunciation. Why? "Raisin" exists, that's why.

Anyway--I direct, storyboard, character design, comic, write and animate but it's easier and quicker to say I'm a Content Creator. If there's one thing that defines me despite all the things I can and enjoy doing, it's the passion for telling a great story with memorable scenes that stick to you. Whether it's giving plots to passerby's while I'm out and about or imagining entire worlds to the music I'm listening to, the story's potential is what keeps me creating. I believe there's a story in everything and it's my job to bring it to light the best way I know how.

Other neat things about me; I'm the creator of cfgb tips;, I have an affinity for crows, outer space, and crowns. Everything may or may not make me emotional. I also model sometimes. 

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