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The following summarizes the work I'm working on and have worked on, from webcomics, to collaborative projects!


cfbg tips;

cfbg tips; is a webcomic that tries to figure out the mystical "Carefree Black Girl" essence. I figured there's a lot of black girls that want in on this so here; Enjoy. Laugh. & cry with me. Get the full experience on a desktop. we update on fridays.

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Alola, Luna!

Alola, Luna! is a little fan webcomic I worked on from December 2016 through May 2017. You follow Luna on her Alolan adventure (because I'm such a Pokemon fiend). Everything baffles her, her mom doesn't know what to do with her hair, and she swears she's being forced to get involved in things she has no business or desire getting into. What a peach.


Poke Celeb Series

The Poke Celeb team series is about prominent musical artists and celebs and what their pokemon teams would be. Again, I'm a Pokemon fiend.

It's very popular on twitter since it's there people like to mention how a celeb, mainly a musician, looks like a pokemon gym leader or trainer.


Everything but Curiosity

Everything but Curiosity is a film about an unlucky disgruntled cat, it’s semi-anxious child owner and a friendly stranger concerned about the both of them. It is said that black cats are unlucky for us but what does this mean for the cat in question? This film explores that in nine ways--with some humor.


Gemanimate 1

I was one of forty-nine animators from across the globe that came together to reanimate the extended theme opener version from Steven Universe. My shot was at 1:25 where Rose Quartz vomits a rainbow! The film was screened at several film festivals around the world in 2016.


More Work/Portfolio

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